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Published on October 29, 2003 By Techno Redd In Blogging

A Message to the Guys: Just because they are willing to take their shirt off, doesnt mean you should be taking a picture. Amature porn is nasty and your girlfriend is gross.

In the worlds smartest man competition, you came in 2nd. Meanwhile the rest of the world came in first.

I would say fuck you, but from the looks of it, god has already done that for me.

I saw two people get into an auto accident in the middle of an intersection a few weeks ago and I had to laugh. They stood there for over an hour waiting for the cops to arrive not touching a thing... as if it were some sceen of crime. Meanwhile traffic was backed up for blocks because only 1 car in any direction could pass at any given time. The whole experience just reconfirms my suspicion. The world is full of retards.

Anyone but Bush in 2004 indeed! - the most brilliant part of this bumpersticker is that "anyone" includes republicans too... but you wouldnt know that by the looks on peoples faces as they drive past after having read that. (retards)

Michael Jackson IS a terrorist, and yes you should run the fuck away.

Reality TV sucks, when are the real terrorists I mean networks going to get a clue?

I mean, come on! Arnold? California!? A state that brings a new definition to being broke, in debt up to its ears I tell ya... and you wanna go to Bush to seek financial help? That gump has cost us more money and done more harm to our nation in the last 4 years then the last 40 years of presidents had done... combined! (retards)

... thats all for now, thanks for suffering with me

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